5pcs Rotary Burr Set

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Rotary Burr Tools are an excellent wood carving tools used in carpentry, home repair works, and even Do-It-Yourself projects. If you're one who loves to do carpentry here and there and loves to create beautiful DIY projects involving wood, then this set is definitely for you!

5 Things that sums up your need for this 5pcs Rotary Burr Set:

  • cute, shape, grind and removed sharp edges on wood without breaking a sweat and your bank!
  • includes 5 burr shapes that are a crowd's favorite: ball, oval, cylinder, large tree, small tree
  • durable and long lasting
  • easy to use - you don't have to be a pro just to use it with ease!
  • made only from high-quality materials

Length: 60mm
Material:45 # Steel​
Color: Black

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